Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

How much cybersecurity do you need?

Just enough to stay out of the news?

Will you ever be in the news?

Have you had an incident response evaluation?

Do you do any event monitoring?

network security?

Identity access ring a bell?

Malware prevention and employee security?


What will it take to get some people to pay attention to Cybersecurity before an attack happens?

We know nation-state attacks are occurring –

What happens if crises are occurring in one of the nation-states? Like in China?

North Korea for example obtains funds by attacking other people on cyberspace.

Imagine the hundreds of thousands of hackers in China being forced to attack on cyberspace to make ends meet.  Unfortunately there may be a worsening real estate situation in China: “Evergrande Went from China’s Biggest Developer to One of its Worst Debtors”

No need to go into much detail of the real estate  company and the debacle.

China has  been discussed in this blog before: Cybersecurity Means Anti-China

The regular laws and rules do not apply in China and so I watch the country with a wary eye – since major actions there could affect us here.




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By zafirt

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