Click on this Story to learn how Cybersecurity may not have anything to do with Vaccines!  Or not!!!  CyberJoke Friday (on Monday).

Ok, that may not be a good joke actually…

When a hacker was born what happened? Did the doctor slap the baby and then wait for the crying? Baby said “click on email  to cry ” Don’t worry about malware!!!


If an email says  click here to find out how many hackers it takes to screw in a light bulb?

Should you open the email to find out a hacker does not screw in light bulbs? He sends email to a million people and 10 out of a million will respond and do whatever the hackers say. Just like in normal hacker phishing campaigns.



A pessimist says do not click on link in email you will not get the savings it claims, the optimist says that out of 30 offers from reputable firms 25 links are good offers, the realist says that the 5 links that are not good offers could make your life difficult.

The hacker is happy you opened the email and the Malicious Software (Malware) was installed – thanks!

Moral of story is sometimes just opening an email will install malware!!


Look at this joke:

Before a breach the cost of cybersecurity is 1x, after a Breach the cost of Cybersecurity is 10x and the reputation loss is 100x.


So maybe you should spend a little time in prevention?  Hmm there must be a joke in here somewhere? Since most people do not pay attention to Cybersecurity until after a breach!!!

Contact me for more jokes – and believe me even though I have it has nothing to do with real viruses only computer stuff!


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