How To Fix Cybersecurity?

First, It is Memorial day 2021 – so let us honor the fallen – let their memories be eternal!!   We seem to always get more breaches – Why is that? I have stated in past about the quirky nature of “Psychology of Security” Reviewing again: Bruce Schneier: Psychology of Security (part 1)    Bruce’s words: … Read more

Cyber Tips and News May24

Yes issuing cyber Tips and news: Cisco vulnerability can cause some software to be compromised if not updated.  Cisco Prime Infrastructure and Cisco Evolved Programmable Network Manager Command Injection Vulnerability (5/19/21) Workarounds:  No workarounds available Cisco Bug IDs:  CSCvw07763  CSCvw67903 CVSS Score:   Base 8.8 Vulnerable Products This vulnerability affects Cisco Prime Infrastructure releases earlier than Release … Read more

Why Did I Write My Book “Too Late. You’re Hacked”?

Long Story Short: Because I know that small businesses have a Cybersecurity problem. I define small as having less than 300 computers to manage. And i want to help the small businesses survive from any potential Cyber issues. Case in point a story from TechNewsWorld  “Outdated Windows Users Flout Computing Safety” Kaspersky on April 26 … Read more

News that Changes Cybersecurity

The Exchange server hack keeps on going:  : (April 13 story) Fortune 500s Hit by MS Exchange Breach Maybe still unaware. Although this article lists a lot of Fortune 500 companies with large budgets, they seem to have missed the Microsoft Exchange Server vulnerability fix. Probably the reason is that this specific problem was … Read more