How To Fix Cybersecurity?

First, It is Memorial day 2021 – so let us honor the fallen – let their memories be eternal!!


We seem to always get more breaches –

Why is that?

I have stated in past about the quirky nature of “Psychology of Security”

Reviewing again:

Bruce Schneier: Psychology of Security (part 1)   

Bruce’s words:

“Security is a trade-off. This is something I have written about extensively, and is a notion critical to understanding the psychology of security. There’s no such thing as absolute security, and any gain in security always involves some sort of trade-off.

Security costs money, but it also costs in time, convenience, capabilities, liberties, and so on. Whether it’s trading some additional home security against the inconvenience of having to carry a key around in your pocket and stick it into a door every time you want to get into your house, or trading additional security from a particular kind of airplane terrorism against the time and expense of searching every passenger, all security is a trade-off.”




So there you have it some of us are not willing to spend money on the chance that they might get attacked and thus would need a higher defensive posture.

Another problem we have is that these systems that are not being taken care of can be used against those who do take care of their systems?

How do we fix this? = this is my every waking moment question.


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