China Copycats All – Problem?

There are massive attacks on our computer and network systems every day so that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) can keep surviving and subjecting it’s citizens and all people of the world. China is even copying the West’s Colonial experience with the Belt & Road Initiative. It is a perfect copy and ‘improvement’ by going … Read more

What happened to SolarWinds Hack Effects?

CISA and CNMF Analysis of SolarWinds-related Malware story at CISA (the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency) Some Questionable Senator requests:  CISA and CNMF Analysis of SolarWinds-related Malware story   How about expanding the NSA and allowing it to automatically fix problems as Cyber attacks come in? What could be the problem with that? “But while … Read more

Yes You Are the Company That Will Not Get Hacked

Don’t worry about the bad guys – you do not have anything to steal. (like your computer/devices, your PII or Personal Identifiable Information) You have not been hacked yet so you will continue to be blessed with good luck or will be passed over.   Do not worry about the latest attacks like Microsoft email … Read more

Cybersecurity Means Anti-China?

Why would  Cybersecurity practitioners be against CCP China? According to the above image which catalogs the top5 countries blocked by the firewall to this website – Russia, US, China, Germany, and Singapore. Let’s face it  we are getting attacks from the whole world.The top 4 countries that are on every cybersecurity practitioner radar should be … Read more