Would be Nice if Everyone Took Cybersecurity Seriously

What if people took vaccines with  Inoculation rates of the cybersecurity industry?  So the inoculation rates of a typical vaccine was and is 90% – 95% and that is how most of the old diseases were actually eradicated. My point is that what if people treated Cybersecurity like they should we would have less people … Read more

Will Cybersecurity Ever End? Come to a Conclusion?

Risks Evolve over time Vulnerabilities evolve over time as threat growsExample: Wannacry ransomware campaign   Short answer is NO!   Since risks evolve -risks and vulnerabilities are always changing! Even if one could solve all the current vulnerabilities and install the updates everywhere to all of your software and hardware, there would still be new vulnerabilities … Read more

Upgrading Computers Means We Are All Better For It

If you upgrade then we also benefit – since now your machine cannot be used by criminals to attack other machines. How can we help you understand to upgrade your system( i.e. Patch – install vulnerability fixes)? This has been attempted before on this site – in the following post: https://oversitesentry.com/small-businesses-do-not-get-hacked/   of course businesses can … Read more