Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

What if people took vaccines with  Inoculation rates of the cybersecurity industry?  So the inoculation rates of a typical vaccine was and is 90% – 95% and that is how most of the old diseases were actually eradicated.

My point is that what if people treated Cybersecurity like they should we would have less people getting affected by Cybersecurity.

The problem is the Psychology of Security – everyone does not treat Cybersecurity as it should be treated.

Why is it that breaches always seem to be going up?

This screen shot is from the ebook Cybersecurity for Support Teams

There are many bad examples of when you don’t have a valid plan one is actually planning to fail.

The problem is the people with responsibility must take it and perform the proper actions to make necessary plans.

So if someone  is not seeing the message – what will make them change their mind?  Do we really have to say the world is on fire before there will be movement?

The problem is this “Psychology of Security”:    Willing to take the risk that there will be a problem since it costs money to reduce the chance of getting hacked.

If you are betting that you will not get ransomware and do get it what are the chances you have a valid backup, which can restore all that you have lost?  I.e. pretend you lost your computer – there is no way to recover the data except for a backup and restore. Have you tested this backup? Sometimes backups do not work as advertised. And now that you have experienced ransomware – do you want to risk getting it again?

6 months after ransomware some small businesses just go out of business. As it is too difficult to restart everything, easier to just go out of business. Remember the  IRS expects you to have data, otherwise they will just ‘guess’ and likely not in your favor.

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If 30% of people or businesses decide not to do what is necessary it is as if only 70% of people got vaccinated in the days when new vaccines were trying to eradicate  the deadly diseases that are unheard of now. We never would have eradicated them with 70% vaccination rates.

Somehow we have to get better at doing cyberdefense.


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