Can the Cloud “Fix” Your Security Risks?

A nice article at Network World about how Milwaukee Tool used the “Cloud” to remake a significant part of the company (product development collaboration). (I like that picture) So we know the Cloud can help with multi-nation or multi-state collaboration efforts. The cloud can help with Application Development (not just tool product development) as well, … Read more

Is The Firewall Useless? or Less Useful?

Even a Next Generation Firewall(NGFW) will not save your network if the fundamental architecture is designed to prevent the firewall from working properly. Asaf Cidon Posted the following at informationweekDARKReading:     Obviously a firewall protects machines and users that are behind the firewall. So as Asaf rightly points out when the user data is … Read more

Newsflash: Hackers Hack Firmware on Drug Pump

Newsflash to all CEO’s when do you understand the problem of no mistakes no matter the potential of attack? Bruce Schneier Hospira Infusion drug pumps: So the infusion pump helps reduce clinical safety and is now on the network. Guess what will happen next? Hackers will hack… Sure it may take some time … Read more

XARA – An old way to hack: Cross Application Resource Access

Cross Application Resource Access = XARA  is another way to hack applications on a computer, it was researched with the following paper: The Mac OSX and iOS operating systems were tested in the research paper by the 6 researchers:  Luyi Xing,  Xiaolong Bai, tongxin Li, XiaoFeng Wang, Kai Chen, and Xiaojing Liao In fact … Read more