Kenn White says OpenSSL Being Rewritten

At last weeks Showmecon Kenn White spoke about the project he is auditing OpenSSL. the following is from the webpage   When I first walked in to listen to his speech at the show, I was not paying attention, as the topic seemed to be about how some basic hacks were occuring. Including the ones … Read more

Assume YOU Are Hacked!!!

Let me explain with a small history lesson: It is a good assumption that as the Internet helped create a global community, we are no longer connecting our computers to a LAN – Local Area Network with a firewall that can defend the network against  the local regional troublemakers(the local youth or hackers that are learning … Read more

HIPAA Enforcement: 10% of any covered entity Will be audited says Office for Civil rights

At Showmecon  ( – June8,9 2015) I went to a HIPAA compliance talk by Hudson Harris “HIPAA 2015- Wrath of the Audits”   It was an excellent talk by Hudson Harris  @legallevity  (his Twitter account) And this is what my report (or what I got out of it) is:   1.  10% of all HIPAA covered … Read more

Criminal Hackers Have 1000% ROI on Ransomware & Exploits

Trustedwave released a 110 page Global Security Report This article will review the ROI portion of the report.   This report focuses on breaches on TrustedWave investigations (as Trustedwave has many security services and products) so this report is trying to help sell their services. One could say it is a competitor of consultants and … Read more