Did you Have Anthem Health Insurance?

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Did you shop at Home Depot?  Kmart? Or all the other retailers that were hacked?




Did you work on a government project? Then you were affected by the Chinese espionage hack of the OPM (Office Personnel Management)



So the “Hackers” have my personal info, name, address, Phone number, birth date, and several CC# combinations. I’m sure the Chinese  or Russian hackers have all my personal info as well.

Or did you think it was going to be different? Did you think you are one of the lucky ones with no personal info hacked?


I would assume that people who want to take advantage of you have your information.

So now what?

Whenever I receive a new call, or see a new email  from someone I think “trust bit verify”:

The person calling me has to prove themselves and then I will do business with them.

I don’t give out credit cards over phone, or any personal information as a rule when somebody calls me. I ask for their number, verify the information and call them back.


It takes more time, but it saves me from any more problems. I never use credit cards over phone unless I call first. Online I use only reputable website shopping, if I find myself on a website I am not familiar I do not use any personal information, usernames or passwords.


TRUST _But_ VERIFY – it must become our mantra.

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