A nice article at Network World about how Milwaukee Tool used the “Cloud” to remake a significant part of the company (product development collaboration).


(I like that picture)

So we know the Cloud can help with multi-nation or multi-state collaboration efforts.

The cloud can help with Application Development (not just tool product development) as well, in fact anything that has needs of multiple location collaboration has good cloud effectiveness.


Where else can the cloud help you?  I have been tracking cloud companies since 2012 earnestly. Since the “Cloud Companies”  list i created  which consisted of different classes of Cloud companies:


Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS)

Software as a Service(SaaS)

Platform as a Service(PaaS)

Network as a Service(NaaS)

Desktop as a Service(DaaS)



the above image is still appropriate, as it maps the different cloud companies in the 3 market spaces (Cloud, Virtualization, and Security)

In general, a “Cloud company” has and runs Cloud computers instead of infrastructure at your location.  Now there are even Wifi Cloud companies (for example: http://www.thecloud.net/ )  Wifi Cloud means someone else manages the access points for you. (you still need access points on location).

If you have systems and applications that can be “outsourced” then  it is safe to assume that there is now a cloud company that can help you.


So what about the Security Cloud or Cloud Security ? Is it possible?

It is important to know the correct terminology when looking for the  Security cloud.

Cloud SOC or Security Operations Center is similar to NOC (Network Operations Center)

The problem is that Security needs to be monitored 24/7/365, since hackers attack all the time in a relentless manner. So to set up your own Security Operations Center requires Security operations personnel on a 24/7 basis. Obviously this is not a small cost, so it is better if you can offset the cost and buy only the operations and monitoring of a couple of systems within the structure of the SOC.

If you did have to build a SOC then the capacity for monitoring a number of systems is likely in the tens or even a few hundred, so selling the  Security service monitoring capability for a few systems is feasible.

doing a quick Google search (for cloud SOC) is http://www.trustedmetrics.com/features/  Complete Security Operations Monitoring – all of your events in one place.

https://www.alertlogic.com/products-services/security-operations-center/ Advancing the Art & Science of threat detection

IBM Virtual SOC IBM Security services http://www-935.ibm.com/services/us/en/it-services/security-services/virtual-security-operations-center-soc/




Every company has different IT needs and I can help you decide where to look depending on what you have.  The Omega Service(http://oversitesentry.com/omega/) is a customized service – including Security consulting.

My history with a variety of IT projects in the last 20 years: http://oversitesentry.com/tonyz/pubhtml/fixvirus/about-us-full-story/ (I worked at a cloud company for a year)


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