Fri. Sep 30th, 2022

Are you considering buying a SmartTV for the office?


Here is Symantec’s Blogpost discussing a Smart TV infection:

(Symantec Blog is #26 on our  Security News Analyzed page)



Now your TV can get infected with Ransomware as well.

What Operating Systems can a smartTV have?

Tizen, WebOS 2.0, Firefox OS, or Android TV (which is a version of Android 5 Lollipop)




So be aware of this and update any updates needed.


Why would a hacker want to attack a SmartTV? besides ransomware – and theoretical $$’s from the attack.

I think Symantec’s list is useful to keep in mind for all your devices that you may have:

  1. Click fraud — every time the device is used the criminal makes money
  2. Botnet — the criminal uses the processor and network for his own end
  3. Data theft — steal information
  4. Cryptocurrency mining — use the processor to mine for bitcoins
  5. Ransom —  as mentioned
  6. Access to other connected devices  — once behind router can connect to other devices.
  7. Privacy — steal your private information


If it isn’t obvious by now any device in your network can be used against you.


Are all your employees installing any devices without your knowledge? You must run vulnerability scans to find out…

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