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Updated page 05/18/2023

The CISA link changed and I put it at the CISA spotlight page. Also changed the Fireeye link as it no longer is called FireEye, so I placed the next best thing : Mandiant blog (Mandiant used to own FireEye)


  1. Cybersecurity value (subjective (my prerogative) (first value)
  2. Industrylinks (‘Cybersecurity’ keyword) ( second value)
  3. Attacker information (China, Russia, and others) (third value)
  4. Google importance information site discusses relevant Google news)  (fourth value)
  5. Recent updates frequency   (fifth value)
  6. video/audio(podcasts) relevance my subjective value – I am giving a 10 and going down from there, but these are initial values, Changed these values in January, 29, 22
  7. High cybersecurity value

I keep the list and its numbers in a spreadsheet so I can make changes when necessary.

Top informational sites 1-10

1.  Searched and found a decent alternative to a high end site: Cyber Security MagazineHas a decent podcast and timely information so will try it for a while here.

2. Arstechnica has many good cybersecurity posts, there is also an interesting tag area for china..

3. Dark reading is an InformationWeek Security blog with good Security topics

4. Internet Storm Center SANS: an Industry leader in Security certification and training – the place to go to work on technical skillsets within Cybersecurity and this is their daily log of current events.

5.    A new link for some slightly different amalgamation of cybersecurity news. found this through a search on cyber security news.

6.SCMagazine – Security magazine consistently has good Security articles and has been honored with national honors from ASBPE

7. Reddit section “netsec”  has very good posts frequently – Lots of new good posts. I switched the link to the “old” reddit look, as one can see all the posts easier in my opinion. 

8.   TechNewsWorld has a decent number of good articles
9. With a special interest in KrebsonSecurity  David Krebs has authored “SpamNation” is looked at for computer breach news – He was a journalist, now Darknet reviewer and more.  
10.  CISA – Cyber infrastructure Security Agency – Spotlight on at the CISA website

11. Bruce Schneier, a security expert writing about cyber security since 1998 – excellent theorist and book writer.

12. Homeland Security News Wire  Has many relevant cybersecurity news stories.  %5-7-6-8-0=26%  Some value, but high Google ranking, high updates, no video

13. Mandiant Blog – is a blog of the top Cybersecurity consulting company

14.  The Hacker News – this is a headline news magazine – updates frequently. some good stuff.

15. NakedSecurity by Sophos (AV company)keeps up on malware news (antivirus etc)

16.  Stay safe online, A national Cybersecurity Alliance effort to help people improve Cyber Security

17  The Register a classic IT news site   has some interesting angles. 

18.  Decent news topics general in nature.  And don’t forget Infosec magazine’s Blogs:  

19. ZDNet Zero Day blog by ZDNet – new info about hacker some value

20.  SucuriBlog WordPress developer Blog about security, Has other topics , we use this plugin has excellent WordPress insights

21. Rapid7 has a Security Blog well researched posts:

22. Securelist Blog  (A Kaspersky Lab endeavor)  and their Twitter feed seems to be in Germany.

23. SANS Digital Forensics Blog is a good forensics blog with some new posts

24. Rand Corp Blog is where the Cybersecurity researcher Martin Libicki writes – Rand Corp is a prestigious science research institution among other items.

25.  Malwarebytes Unpacked the Blog of malwarebytes (excellent AV app).

26. ISACA Now Blog  which is the Information Systems Auditing and Control Association Blog

27.  A site that puts together relevant links from many media outlets. Good Overview of many sites.

28. White Hat Security Blog  White Hat security is a company that consults on application security – I have seen some of their researchers. 

29. Blog about Google’s efforts in Security   has some good google stuff, but not much else.   (brought this one back to top30)

30.  TrendMicro Security Intelligence Blog less updates.


Dropped out of top30 or adding new blogs to review periodically:

Moved since the pandemic hit -too few updates had to drop out of top30  as it was the video repository for constant reviews of latest Security conferences. (01/27/23)


X . removed port swigger (04/14/23) as it went dark (decided to no longer update :

The Daily Swig Cybersecurity News and Views –  This company put burpsuite on the market many years ago.

Securosis a blog with good content (sometimes does not post frequently) less frequency got to drop (01/27/23)

** removed Talos link due to lack of updates: Cisco’s Talos Blog   Excellent threat research and more  (1/29/22)

Removed Defenseone link no longer works (8/22/22) Blog about Google’s efforts in Security   has some good google stuff, but not much else. A blog started in March 2016 – about forensics and other topics (ransomware details)

moving IBM Security  out of top 30 X-Force website and the blog page X-Force bloggers  is good, but updated infrequently & pro IBM of course.

Also moved BugSEC as it is not updted often but is blog decent review of Cyber threats – from a security company in Israel

Could use this link in future…

  Bitdefender LABS has  some good posts (including new Ransomware tool
US-CERT: United States Computer Emergency Response team


New addition(12/3/15): Amazon Web Services Bulletins(AWS) 
removed Threatpost  was good before August 2022 – no more updates so it is gone as of 01/27/23.
removing Twitter and other stuff 01/19/16  keeping the repositories of interesting Cyber items.
NIST Publications  are important as they get referenced by a lot of compliance standards 800-115 is the one for pentesting  :
Technical Guide to Information Security Testing and Assessment SP 800-115   Papers on exploiting operating systems and other items like Stack-based buffer and memory overflow.  (does not get updated often)
  1. to test your cybersecurity