What would it take for a more secure world?

Have you had an inkling that cyber security is getting worse?

morepredatorsthanprey  remember this post from Black Hat2014 where I posted about a dilemma of management?  It is as if this problem is so pervasive we can’t do anything about this.

There seem to be more cyber breaches not less, we now expect to get hacked.

Sony stops their movie rollouts, Staples just got another million credit card numbers stolen.


The Russian criminal hackers describe the situation like fishing in a barrel full of fish  putting your hands in the barrel and getting the fish. That is how easy it is for them. It certainly makes sense…

How many credit card number sets were stolen this year?

JP Morgan : 76 mil

Home Depot: 53 mil

Dairy Queen, Home Depot, Target, PF Chang’s and Neiman Marcus have all also reported data breaches: many mil

If there are ~315 mil people in the US, I would say everyone in the US has either been affected or knows of a close family member or friend that has been affected, especially if you consider there are only 122 mil households in US.

The real scary thing is that if something does not change then this cannot get better.

How much worse can it get? If you look at Sony, what happened is they lost $90 mil in revenue for sure and more in opportunity cost (the potential of the movie revenue  “The Interview”)

Not only did they lose money, but all of their digital lives were exposed, with all of the accompanying embarrassments.

I will not recount those embarrassing details, as the details are not important, only the fact of the actual cyber hack and the potential future problems this can cause.

Cyber security is not impossible, just difficult and takes time and effort. I think this is the crux of the problem, if you don’t know about cyber security do not give up too early,  is this a crisis of education or will.

I will now  invoke a Chinese proverb   Will-power

I know of only the positive: “Where there is a will there is a way”  

yǒu zhì jìng chéng
Where there’s a will, there’s a way

Do not underestimate the power of will and purpose.


we can help, fixvirus.com has 3 years of enterprise security(150k computer environment) and over 20 years of IT experience, but most important, one must have a “gaming” experience, since one has to be well versed in software development and more.




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