What happened to JP Morgan hack of 76 mil accounts?

Wall street Journal has the story behind their paywall.

In mid-June hackers attacked and gained access to servers and data.

2 months go by and JPMorgan defense does not know anything,  the hackers steal 76 million accounts and use JP Morgan servers.

In mid August is when the cybersecurity teams actually find the problems and work on fixing the issues, trying to review what happened as well.

On 8/27 the Wall street journal  wrote about the FBI investigation.

In September 11 JP Morgan states there is no “unusual activity”


yesterday JP Morgan said 76 mil households and 7 mil business information was compromised in the attack

Does this attack and response make you more or less concerned for cyber attacks?

Questions to be answered: How did the attackers gain access?

Why did it take 2.5 months to figure out what is happening?

What should be done in the future?


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