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attacks will come in all types and methods, some will be standard – and some turbo charged.

The reason a new vulnerability is such a big deal, is that any little problem vulnerability can cause a hacker to get a small connection with your systems. And unfortunately any small connection can led to larger ones, and pretty soon it is a tidal wave, or “turbo charged” and then soon enough you are on the headlines.

Denial of Service(DoS) attacks can seem innocuous, as the attack may just slow you down, or make you reboot, which is inconvenient, but not deadly.

But the problem is DoS attacks are a feint or are set to overload the system so a different attack can occur. And then the real attacks occur, we test attacks in our closed environments to review these items for ourselves.


this is a classic attack – actually Kevin Mitnick the famous hacker who got caught and the attack outlined on

By zafirt