TikTok is Designed to be Addictive – China’s CyberWar vs World

I have discussed this before, Oversitesentry Halloween Joke post:

TikTok collects data the minute you download the app. It will collect all data  you allow knowingly or unknowing.

This is the video that is still apt today:

Youtube video about TikTok privacy and more issues


Chinese companies can obtain data from your traffic to the parent company(Bytedance) and all other Chinese companies.

The Chinese have created an AI method to synergize the social and political methods.

Any Chinese software including 5 biggest Chinese software companies

5 biggest Chinese software companies:  Alibaba,  Tencent, JD.com. China Mobile, and Huawei.

Imagine being able to connect all 5 companies with a large database and Artificial Intelligence…

Baidu search engine (BIDU) –  baidu antivirus, Wifi hotspot Cleaner and more.


All games can be used against you – check to see if the game is out of China (Hong Kong is China now).

for Example Yottagames  are from Hong Kong

Lexiang (out of Hong Kong) with some games like Top Gang and more


Imagine you walk into your grocery store and the grocer knows what you bought online forever. This is China today (or very soon), there is no privacy in China – there are ways for all the apps and software to interconnect with each other, as they all talk to the CCP (Communist party). This is the point with Communist party power, they are afraid of people with freedom and the more data they can have they will use to control the Chinese people.

Except now the CCP can also start to control every nation’s citizens even if it is on innocuous events.  It seems like the Chinese Communist  Party is only doing minimal control, but it starts like that and can end badly.

Remember there are no laws in China, because the CCP runs the courts, so the  courts just rubber stamp whatever CCP decides.

The most telling sign is whether you have heard of anyone winning against the  CCP in court. The best one can do is reduce the sentence or allow for accommodations – one does not win against CCP.


The reason i am always harping on this is that we cannot depend on China moderating or  winning against them, all we can do is “defeat them”  by defending our computers and making sure only we can use our devices without giving information to CCP


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