Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

From the blogpage of wordfence (a old blog post – 2018)


A) How do you fix a vulnerability in your jack-o-lantern?

With a pumpkin patch.

B) Why are witches so good at deobfuscating malware?

They know hex.


How about creating some good Halloween pranks:

save this on your friends laptop, and make it the screensaver (only for Halloween)

Or if you want to give your friend a real BSOD (Blue Screen of Death)

Of course if you search and create a real BSOD now you are a hacker – bordering on criminal, you better know on how to fix the problem(prank) as well

I do not recommend doing a real BSOD.


But is this holiday halloween or HACK-oween?

Imagine there is an app that you download and it will use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to figure out a better way to send you information.  If you use Amazon or other vendors, they are trying to guess your purchase patterns (did you search for a webcam?).  Did you watch Netflix yesterday? Netflix wants to make sure you watch as much as possible (so that you keep subscribing).


BUT what if your goal is to accumulate data and have another goal? To make political changes in America?

Youtube video on how China is using Tik-Tok to accumulate data

The Chinese have already tried to adjust  the Taiwanese elections.

It is not a stretch to believe this since there are no privacy laws in China.  TikTok  is not burdened by privacy rules that prevent it from accumulating data. This data is now merged with data from Wechat and how you use the phone – where you go – your political beliefs.

Anti-trump – Pro Biden videos are pushed on the app. An anti-trump video will be recommended to a user because the AI algorithm creates this skewed environment.  The #tokthevote campaign was set up 3 months ago on TikTok, and now most of the proBiden and anti-Trump videos were allowed on the platform – any conservative user would be not fed as much political videos so as to keep them on the platform.

100 million Tik Tok users could be manipulated by China with their AI models using the data collected.

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