Happy New Year 2016 – Criminals Want $7Bil PC Market That Patches Late


For your end of year review – check the following links which lead to the calculation of $7Bil PC market for criminals.

A review of 2015:  http://oversitesentry.com/criminal-hackers-got-your-data-in-2015/

If you are not improving cybersecurity in the new year – read this at least to see what could be coming to you:   http://oversitesentry.com/a-single-link-can-destroy-your-data/


or this one: http://oversitesentry.com/is-your-it-system-low-hanging-fruit-for-criminal-hackers/

Summary picture:


Here are highlights of the blogposts:

Current number of Internet users = 3.27 Billion in the world

In the USA there were 223 million PC’s in 2013.


Of those PC’s about 10% of the users/PC’s are not patching correctly.

The criminal is searching for these 22 million PC’s as they have the potential of grabbing $300 per PC maybe even more if they find a high value PC.

But using averages $300 (for a single ransomware payoff) * 22 mill =  $6.6Billion or about $7 Billion (if including some very high value PC’s it drifts the average dollar amount higher).


So, if you were a criminal what would you do if you have a potential $7 Bil market to mine?

Start building infrastructure to exploit this!


This is exactly what the criminals have done

cybercriminalgangs steal $1billion

Kaspersky has documented the infrastructure of criminal gangs:



So unfortunately whether you like it or not – this is the reality and we have to work within this world.


It just means your IT department requires extra scrutiny – and it must be done with an auditor and ethical hacker outside of your organization.


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