A Single Link Can Destroy Your Data

If you click on the wrong link  this is what can happen:


But besides losing all your data if you have other peoples information on your computers now that data can be stolen and deleted or unable to be retrieved if it is encrypted.

Ransomware is a scourge that is difficult to fix, if not impossible without the decryption code.

“To Unlock the computer you have to pay a fine of $300”


If _your_ computer has been infected what can you do?

Well, unfortunately once it is infected there is very little you can do. Of course it really depends on which Ransomware you have.

How exactly did the criminal develop the software? What are they using for an encryption-decryption algorithm.

If for some reason you received coinvault ransomware – then it could get decrypted by Kaspersky’s tool the Ransomware Decryptor¹ for example.

Ransomlock² is also another Ransomware that can be fixed, or so Norton Symantec claims (as I have not tested this)


Notice I recommend only the top sites for fixing any Ransomware you may have.


Teslacrypt can also be decrypted using Cisco’s research arm Talos.³


Unfortunately there are lots of Ransomware software developers that have created encryption schemes that are not so easily fixed.

What can you do to defeat this new development?   (#1 – and I did not say it but after re-reading this post a day later – DO NOT PAY – you may or may not get data back – you _Will_lose your money!!!  )

  1. Backup your system on a regular basis

  2. Be prepared to lose all your data.
  3. Develop a multi layer strategy – to reduce the chance of your infection.


Multi-Layer strategy –


People – Process – Technology

A. Train people to know the difference between good and bad links

B. Develop processes to reduce the chance of affects (backup your data)

C. Use Anti-virus and firewalls using the latest technology that you can afford.



Each company may be different but there are definite actions to be done.


Contact Us to discuss detailed plans to combat this scourge (ransomware)



Updated 12/29/15




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  3. http://blogs.cisco.com/security/talos/teslacrypt

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