Thu. May 26th, 2022

First we have to discuss – what is a “Global Cyberwar”?

It has to do with the current conflict with Russia — Ukraine.

In this image(Feb28 and Mar1) there is some interesting information which is from SecurityWeek magazine :

The groups and what country they support (Ukraine, UNK (Unknown?), or Russia).  Where they will congregate (and receive orders) like Twitter. Locations and date started are just informational that is interesting.

These images are from Mykhailo Federov’s Twitter page @FederovMykhailo (Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine and Minister of Digital transformation of Ukraine) at one point.

The full image (from Feb28 until March3rd)

Cold war Has restarted! Thus Ukraine wants your help on the Cyberwar front lines

MarketWatch (a financial news site has this story about Putin and his thirst for Cyberwarfare – restarting the Cold War.


It should be also important for all of us to protect our own machines – update and patch your systems.

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