Unfortunately they can

1. Why Ransomware? because the ransomware attack software is out for everyone – it is easy to send attack emails to millions.

2. Most Attacks start with phishing emails.

3 Have you updated your systems? Also called patched your systems? every month Microsoft and other vendors release fixes to their software which can allow a hacker to infiltrate and exploit your computer systems.

4. The Weak link gets hacked – whatever system was forgotten because of a reason that may be legitimate has a high chance of getting hacked.

5. Now ransomware is in your system, and all your data will be encrypted within minutes. Now you will not be able to access your files.

6. Is there a backup that works? Hopefully the backup that ran last time did not have any problems and was placed offsite (if it is on the system it may also be encrypted).

7. Now we have to recreate the data from scratch – is that even possible?


Maybe we should have done something pro-active.  Buy my book and learn what you need to know.



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