Killer Malware…  what does it mean?  When is it coming?


It means a distributed spam network (hard to blacklist)   (as John Stewart from Cisco mentioned )

A Zero-day malware included in well written (targeted) spam.  Like the Flash vulnerability that just came out.


And then we come to the “Killer” part, Ransomware example:



So you have the trifecta, a good spam network (getting past the current automated anti-spam methods), a Zero-day malware which gains access to the desktop even in a patched environment, and the malware that will infect and encrypt  your files on your system and server, wherever you have computer file shares.



We have run into this before… last year   and it was a Russian government attack:

It is only a matter of time, before the criminal hackers become sophisticated and set up the “Killer Malware“.

what to do?

It is time to review cybersecurity, we must have all of our defenses in place to catch most of the attacks and be ready for restoring systems if the unthinkable happens (testing backups are important )

Contact Us as we can help you review your cybersecurity plans, test your servers, and more.



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