Digital Anything is at Risk – Fingerprints & more

Office Personnel Managment hack now suspected also of stealing fingerprint data.


What can be done with a stolen fingerprint?  Is it really only a foreign government coup?  Can the Chinese government splinter groups use this information for other nefarious reasons?

{ Part of the worry, cy­ber­se­cur­ity ex­perts say, is that fin­ger­prints are part of an ex­plod­ing field of bio­met­ric data, which the gov­ern­ment is in­creas­ingly get­ting in the busi­ness of col­lect­ing and stor­ing. Fin­ger­prints today are used to run back­ground checks, veri­fy iden­tit­ies at bor­ders, and un­lock smart­phones, but the tech­no­logy is ex­pec­ted to boom in the com­ing dc­ades in both the pub­lic and private sec­tors. }


Anything that we store digitally can be used by the “Bad Guys”

Since the bureaucrats were lax with data security at OPM now the Chinese or others are interested in grabbing  as much data online as possible.

do you believe the Chinese president?

I don’t believe him. For one he probably does not control every small piece of the Chinese government completely. So it is impossible for him to say that.


Why am I Spending time explaining this? because the Chinese  are on a a 5 year plan eternally, not the plan to grow next year. When you look at things in 5 year increments, then the world looks different.


We need to start to look at a longer time horizon when planning things.  Plus whatever the spy agencies are working on now, the criminal hackers learn in a year or two.

So the Chinese may have the fingerprints of most government employees (or all) but in a year or two the criminals will have them.  This is how it works.

If the NSA can do something like Stuxnet, then a few years later the criminals can do it.


So I am taking the long view –  and I hope that you start to do this as well.


We all must get our cybersecurity act in gear the sooner the better.


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