Cybersecurity Challenges in Cloud

It is a known fact: technology is always on the move for progressive changes. So as the phase of virtualization becomes more advanced, it is imperative that we also look upon the parameters of cyber risks and controls oversight, in order to maximize the benefit of virtualization. Oversight controls pertains to seeing in advance, the possible cyber challenges of managing the information technology. Part of a control is to review Cyber Risk of a business, as well as planning, testing and executing methods of recuperation and resiliency to avoid critical risks and losses for a business. In other words, it entails thinking outside of the box, attempting to size up and prevent, if need be, unwanted occurrence and re-occurrence of high risk situations; hence the term oversight controls and risk controls in order to protect a managed virtual environment.

Without the proper know-how, a business wanting to gain more leverage against its competitors by using cyber advancement or automation may actually lead its business to ruin. So instead of paving its way to a more effective and efficient business, it may go the opposite way just because they did not look into possible risks, no matter the complexity, before they actually happened.


This is the very reason why some businesses opt to have managed servers. Business owners can save time, money, overhead costs and effort by paying for sites and domains in the managed server environment bringing their business forward with automation. However, this same technological asset may lead a business left behind with limited understanding of what happens in risk exposure.   Open possibilities of risk and fraud may happen if business owners do not understand the challenges of managed servers risk analysis. Here are some questions you may ask yourself, if you are one of the many that see the beauty of using advanced technology in e-commerce:


In the managed server environment there are other challenges:


  • Are you using a shopping cart in your site?
  • Is your shopping cart exploitable?


  • Are you using WordPress for your online business? Is your WordPress site exploitable?
  • Have you ever used add-ons for your site that may actually be a means for higher vulnerability?
    • What plugins are susceptible to attacks?
    • Is your theme safe?
    • Are widgets used?



In the advanced stream of technology also comes the advanced stream of risks and vulnerabilities. To enjoy the beauty of technology it is always an advantage if we know how to detect, exploit (to one’s own business advantage) and prevent these cyber risks which challenges proper oversight controls. Oversight management as well as risk management are pertinent arenas to be considered when one is a player in the universe of virtualization. Aside from this, a business owner should also know what the costs in the business are if the network fails. No matter how we think managed servers may be the better option to run in your business, as it will minimize overhead cost in maintaining the business you have started (not to mention being able to compete head to head in the e-commerce world), having a Risk Manager and Consultant who would think about the what if’s is a great control measure to minimize and prevent cyber vulnerabilities.


True nothing may happen, as it is a “what if” but the risk of failure is so high that doing nothing is even riskier.  So the question is, as the ultimate “Risk Manager” (if you are the decision maker) what is the minor cost that you can live with?  Our best suggestion: Test your devices, network and systems using a qualified individual.


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