Beer Bug Cybersecurity Issues

So what does the Beer bug have to do with Cybersecurity?

(from a previous post

We know Phishing is the #1 attack that a hacker has to obtain an attack angle into networks and computers.

so the #1 method of attack by adversaries has been shown to use headlines with good effect.   is a story of this phenomenon

It makes sense – since the beer bug is in the news — BeerBUG problem please click here…

There will be many types of emails so that you will click on the links that may download an attack package on your system.



Right this is not a real CVS Shopper survey since it was masking its email as an amazon info email address on behalf of the Beer Bug virus???  whatever that means…

The FTC has a good website and suggestions:

At this webpage :

Avoid Coronavirus ScamsInfographic for Keep Calm and Avoid Coronavirus Scams

The above are good suggestions


The main thing is to understand not to click on things or act on anything quickly – DO NOT click quickly, verify then click.  If you want to enter a survey then make sure the website is the right one.

It behooves one to learn about phishing as it _is_ the  primary attack angle for hackers.


Guess what a new article by ZDnet:

Shows that the attacks have started –  ransomware against hospitals – Why would that be happening? because hospitals during Beer bug have to pay – they do not have time to recover the systems and rebuild the systems. Since they want to save the lives of Beer bug recipients there is no time to not pay and recover(sine that takes time).

The hacker wants to make money, so they have found the perfect “customer”…

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