C’mon Man Cybersecurity Edition!!!

I want to institute a C’mon Man edition to highlight some ‘problems’ with thinking or just inanities.

Is it true that 60% of security breaches are human errors?

So what does that mean to a company with employees? Does it mean that your employees will cause errors? And thus eventually one error will cause a breach to occur?

You can check whether your email address has been compromised in Firefox Monitor:


  • As you can see as of 4/15/2020  there were a few breaches in the last few years.
  • Canva
  • Apollo
  • Exactis
  • Uiggy
  • LinkedIn

There are more, but Firefox monitor can look at the breaches of the above 6 entities.

Was each  breach caused by human error? Maybe not, but at 60% where there is some kind of trail, then it may be higher actually (who wants to talk about their failures?)

C’mon man only 60%?

What we really need is for Chuck Norris to solve this problem by just staring at it until the problem is solved.

C’mon man Chuck – start solving cybersecurity already…

What we really need is a Chuck Norris type person in each company to work cybersecurity properly

C’mon man solve your IT security problems by instituting no more errors!!!

So if there are going to be errors what should one do?

C’mon man it is obvious…  TEST! check your employees work.

So if Cybersecurity is so important, then check your IT workers not to see if they are competent, but to _make_ sure that the important function of Cybersecurity is not going to be a problem.

The key is to institute analysis of your machines. by checking them for vulnerabilities  (like using OpenVAS or Nessus software)

My old trusty timeline image explains

The problems of patch management, which I updated:



So I have now come up with this meme:

Think about this:

If meme viral & bad infosec

then hackers control info

else make viral meme



The hackers are always trying to get us to click on bad phishing email (meme viral) the it employees make mistakes (bad infosec)

then the hackers control info ( hackers attack and take advantage)

otherwise the hackers will make more attacker phishing memes.


Hence C’mon Man!!!


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