New PCI – Payment Card Industry Standards in 2019

A new Secure Software Requirements and Assessment Procedures was released v1.0 on Jan 2019.

So if you are developing software for the Payment card industry either for an application on a website or for a retail location you have a new framework and software requirements standard.

Developing software to capture credit card information (and use it) is not an easy process. This PCI framework puts a process together to make developing software more secure.


A few helpful aides for small business and informational items.  we know small businesses are getting attacked – successfully for many reasons. PCI Security Standard’s:  small_merchant_guide to safepayments image from pdf file.

Next is an obvious attack  angle  into   your computer. Next image is from PCISecurityStandardsCouncil resource guide  defending against phishing attacks



Most companies are not creating software  but they just want to run equipment and software that works without getting hacked. So for that to happen (stay secure and stop the hackers):

  1. Learn how phishing works and create new rules before you answer emails/ texts/ phone calls
  2. Patch and update your equipment
  3. Make sure to change passwords periodically, and make them as long as possible (more important than a complex password).
  4. Multi factor authentication is a great idea to make it harder for hackers to get a successful attack.
  5. having somebody doublecheck your environment would be a good idea and reduce errors and omissions.

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