IoT Botnet Can DDoS Your Webserver

Ok it happened as some predicted last year: A botnet was found¹ (a collection of computers or in this case devices that are controlled by another computer) controlling a number of IoT (Internet of Things). These IoT devices were then told to attack a website thus causing a DDoS (Dynamic Denial of Service).  The website … Read more

Think About Security as a Constant Effort – Not Project

Security and thus also Cybersecurity needs to be thought of in a different manner. Education about information security has to be put together well. We have to understand the whole environment and people need to follow what corporate recommends for security reasons.   Why?  because individuals should not create corporate blindspots either knowing or unknowing.  (image … Read more

Cyberjoke friday v1.93

Cyberjoke Friday to break up the Cybersecurity posts: realize that our kids and other young people are using technology in ways we don’t understand if we let them… that is why I try to use new technologies and apps every so often. Some kids that grow up coding will look at tasks in a different … Read more

Cybersecurity and Internet: Too Complicated?

Brian Krebs- KrebsonSecurity¹ has a story of Cici’s Pizza with a data breach on June 3rd .     This credit Card breach story is interesting but not what I want to discuss. Instead let’s discuss “Todd”‘s response in the comments 1st response: So obviously Todd wrote this response as an immediate reflex action and does … Read more