Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

Cyberjoke Friday to break up the Cybersecurity posts:


realize that our kids and other young people are using technology in ways we don’t understand if we let them… that is why I try to use new technologies and apps every so often.


Some kids that grow up coding will look at tasks in a different way..

I’m sure the teacher said  write “I will not throw paper airplanes in class”500 times

Sure he can write those 7 words 500 times or he can write a function which would have written it if compiled in C.


int main(void)


for (count=1; count<=500;count++)

printf(“I will not throw paper airplanes in class”);

return 0;



I always try to find other ways to attempt to show that hackers will hack you even if you don’t know how they do it. They think different, and thus it is unique new problem that Cybersecurity pros have.


Since it is Friday I will leave you with:


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