You Don’t Understand Hackers or Computers? Hackers Will Still Hack You

Yes we(humans) are Risk seeking  with losses, and risk averse with gains. “Security is a tradeoff,” Schneier said, speaking to a packed audience at his RSA session. “What are you getting for what you’re giving up? Whether you make that tradeoff consciously or not, there is one.” You think that your computers are not … Read more

We are Hacked – Firewall Useless – Now What?

Why did we get hacked?  Is a common refrain after a breach. Thousands of businesses got hacked last year (and this year) as in my previous post: We believe in our technologies, in automation in firewalls There are many aspects of potential weakness – and all weaknesses will be taken advantage of. The only way … Read more

Its not that we don’t care about Security

Does this sound familiar? My company does what it can with security and is compliant, we have no breaches so far.   The problem is that the security team knows we can get breached, in fact we likely already have. But fortunately nothing has been overtly accomplished (as far as we can tell) by the … Read more

Digital Anything is at Risk – Fingerprints & more

Office Personnel Managment hack now suspected also of stealing fingerprint data.   What can be done with a stolen fingerprint?  Is it really only a foreign government coup?  Can the Chinese government splinter groups use this information for other nefarious reasons? { Part of the worry, cy­ber­se­cur­ity ex­perts say, is that fin­ger­prints are part of … Read more