Why #cybersecurity breaches? Insanity is cause

Is there something fundamentally wrong with our thinking?


Anthem is only the latest victim of the multiple victims last year.

Over 1 Billion records were breached or stolen in 2014 and human error or accidents are  the cause 25% of the time (Network World story).

Mega breaches are the defining trend, exposing tens of millions of records of brand-name companies last year, including Home Depot, with 109 million records breached, eBay, at 145 million, and JP Morgan Chase at 83 million.”

Malicious outsiders cause 55% of the breach incidents.


I disagree with Gonen who says “Everyone is aware – everyone gets it

We may know there is a problem, but we do not seem to know how to fix it.

It seems that We are insane, as Albert Einstein says “Doing something over and over expecting different results”

When will we try something new? Like testing our trusted processes and procedures as well as supposed KNOWN IT department.

The idea is to review and double check.  Measure twice cut once is the woodworker’s axiom.

For IT we need to invent a new one: #testforsecurity

ostrich-head-insand Either place head in sand.

So I ask you: “Are you insane?” Still doing the same thing with your IT department?

Or do the right thing Philotimos (ΦΙΛΟΤΙΜΟ)  friend of honor is the direct translation


My youtube video on this topic a “Day of Good”  and Philotimo for Fixvirus.com  http://youtu.be/DaPF4_-gH4g  start at 1:54

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