Keep Up on Security News

It is good to keep up on the latest security news so that you can review what vulnerabilities are being created with new bugs.

Keeping up on the latest vulnerabilities allows you to keep the Risk analysis up to date (Risk = likelihood * impact). Because as new events happen, your risk profile changes.

We created Security News Analyzed page for this reason:


We are looking for ways to make this methodology better and more efficient. So that one spends the least amount of time on reviewing the latest news as possible.

On the Security News Analyzed page we have collected 30 top security news websites which allow you to keep up on your technology in your company and homes.


We have redone this site many times, and are in the midst of redoing it again (keep an eye on it in the next couple of months:

Here are some older looks:

7/8/2016 discusses the vulnerability


At this point I was still reviewing many websites for inclusion  (06/2015)