Someone set up a twitter bot that knows which companies get ransomware(it claims):


For example I picked out  Wyckoff Heating and Cooling(2023 – 3-11), Maximum Industries Inc(2023 – 3-13), and Management Excellence(2023 – 3-11).

I am always on the lookout for Threat research possibilities (finding out what the adversary is doing). In all 3 cases the lockbit3 ransomware is the culprit.  Trend Micro  has a story to discuss the info about lockbit3 as they see it in their clients.

It looks like the first time it surfaced was March 2022.


As I mentioned in my last post we have to use AI in ways that are beneficial to us – including bots that scour the dark net for possible ransomware attacks.

Here is another attempt at bringing that home to you:

we have to build  a better robot defense than the attackers – it is high time to create a systemic method of defense as outlined in my book: “Too Late You’re Hacked”

Buy it now it is only $20 and you can see how to make the defense work for you.

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By zafirt