The Tri-Fecta IoT, Blockchain, & AI: Don’t worry about Cybersecurity

Is it possible to make something more complex?

IoT and Blockchain with a sprinkle of AI (Artificial Intelligence).


From the post at   : IoT, Blockchain & Artificial intelligence – new holy trinity.  All three technologies are at their peak of inflated expectations.

It is possible that blockchain platform (the technology) can set up the trust by using it’s decentralized nature that allows the systems to trust each other and make transactions with a peer-to-peer method while making a record (this is how blockchain works) . Blockchain technology is a good way to keep secure the transaction, but it may not be a private transaction (like in Bitcoins). The author states that this is where blockchain can help IoT devices (by securing the IoT vulnerabilities with the blockchain digital identity).

Of course none of this has been invented yet. Blockchain and bitcoin has some severe drawbacks. Like the large computing power needed to create a new set of cryptologic number that fulfills the algorithm.

What about Artificial Intelligence? For AI to work properly it needs a lot of data and then the code needs to be set up that will continually improve. Eventually AI code will be able to help

There is a lot more at the post from but suffice it to say that a lot of the interconnections between IoT, AI, and Blockchain will have to do with the exact application intended.  It could work, but the complexity of this amalgamation is high. You know what happens in highly complex environments?  Configuration errors, design issues, and more problems. Why is there never a discussion about cybersecurity?

I know it could be a negative topic, but the errors can be huge.  My recommendation is to build this in an iterative method and also use a lot of testing or auditing. Thus one could be a bit more confident eventually before it all crashes.

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