#SmallBusinessWeek Fail on Cybersecurity

I apologize, but I see most small business do not have plans in place for disaster recovery and Cybersecurity because it does not help them run their companies.

True it does not help run the company but it allows you to run the company after a Cyber event happens.

I have written about this before in the past few posts and weeks/months. But there is a definite disconnect between the Decision makers and the current environment. Here is a past post where the mechanics of making money for the Cyber criminals only makes it clear in dollars and cents that the Criminals are making MORE money every year.

I don’t want to bore you with actual criminal dollar numbers, because they are low estimates since people do not report the actual amount.

This picture from a past post also explains the large problem of database breaches.


To come back to my initial post – if you never backup your files in a proper way then ‘when’ a problem occurs you will not have a business.

This isn’t even insurance, because if there are no files backed up then it is over. Insurance is “a thing providing protection against a possible eventuality”.

If you have cyberinsurance you can get some money back to rebuild your files. But you still have to rebuild.

IF small business would have had proper IT practices then there is no need for cyber insurance. Look around the world for others that perform good practices that will help you keep your information safe.

Saumil has presented 7 axioms of security at BlackHat Asia  online here: youtube video

7 axioms of security

Intelligence Driven Defense

  1. Defense doesn’t mean risk reduction
  2. CISO’s job is Defense
  3. Schrödinger’s hack – i.e. test realistically
  4. Can’t Measure? Can’t use it
  5. Identify your target users, and improve them
  6. The best defense is a creative defense
    1. create credit cards with no usage except to tell you when it is used.
  7. Make defense Visible, make defense count
  • Intelligence means collect everything!
  • Get creative, get organic (organic security=grow it yourself)

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