Catfishing Illegal? Spearfishing on Steroids?

Posted on ITSecurity Training

Threatpost has the story  in Utah legislation work.   Let’s explain some catfishing: “The practice of catfishing often occurs in online dating or social-networking scenarios in which someone takes someone else’s personally identifiable information–such as photos, addresses, educational history or professions–to pretend to be that person to seem more attractive or interesting to people they […]

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When SonicWall Gets Hacked What Chance Do You Have?

Posted on computersecuritynews

SC Magazine has the story – “SonicWall network attacked via zero day in its secure access solution”. Here is the formal SonicWall statement once they were notified by SC Media: SonicWall, whose product line includes firewalls; network security and access solutions; and email, cloud and endpoint security solutions acknowledged that an incident took place in a company […]

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