New Public Breach at sally Beauty Supply

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bankinfosecurity has the information   The initial reports were that it was a data breach, but no credit card data was stolen, but 11 days later it looks as many as 25,000 records were exposed and stolen Sally Beauty Supply operates approximately 500 stores worldwide and had $3.6 billion in sales in 2013.   As […]


SQL Injection is a programmatic attack on websites

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OWASP  has a great website discussing SQL injection: The Open web application Security project is an effort to help the programming community in securing their websites And I will copy a couple of lines from their SQL_Injection_prevention_Cheat_sheet becasue it is important: Option #1: Use of Prepared Statements (Parameterized Queries) Option #2: Use of Stored Procedures […]


The challenges of Security in a map

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This is one of the many mindmaps from Aman Hardikar: You can see that it is not only network firewalls and websites that need to be reviewed.   A security architecture needs to be developed from security principles within procedures and goals laid out within business objectives.