Your Cyberdefense Still 2000’s Thinking?

Yes it is February 20, 2015

And it is high time you replaced your firewall(FW), just like all computers the new firewalls have better processors and chips to make your speed in Internet browsing faster and if you get a Next Gen FW(NGFW) you can also be more secure.


So as technology gets better, faster, it is also becoming more secure. Notice I did not say it is 100% secure, but it is more secure than the older devices.

malwareinyournetworknextgenfirewall (from youtube video below)

If you are not taking advantage of the new technologies and still living int the firewall model of 15 years  ago you will have a problem sooner or later.

And now we learn all of our hard drives could have been infected by the “Equationgroup” as Kaspersky  has named them.

The problem that we have is the genie is out of the bottle, and now the rest of the cyber criminals will try to infect your network.

Since they know it can be done – they will look at the methods and create the malware that is persistent and cannot be removed with standard methods.


So what to do?


We would be happy to review your environment and size the correct NGFW for you:


Some of the best known companies in the firewall space:

Cisco ASA with Firepower services  here are the model comparisons:

palo Alto Networks has a high capacity firewall as well, here is the smallest one (for small business)

Fortinet has a small business solution as well:

Besides price we can help you decide on the three NGFW companies.


You may be asking yourself why do I need to buy this new solution?How much is your reputation worth?

What will it take for you to install a better more up-to-date solution? After you get hacked?


contact Us to discus this in detail

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