More Stolen Data is For Sale on the Dark Web

Most interesting information came to light recently, said that 7.5 million users data was stolen. The entity that stole the data is called ShinyHunters and we are talking about the mobile banking entity of which is an app that does some mobile banking, so it is a business wholly on the Internet.

It is too bad that a business that is an internet business is not super-focused on Cybersecurity. So the unthinkable happened – 7.5 million accounts were stolen. I am focusing on this because it is a telling tale of managerial malpractice and unfortunately cybersecurity is misunderstood even in this late day and age.

Not only but the following businesses have all gotten attacked and had records stolen:

  • — 4.8 million records
  • — 600,000 records
  • — 1.3 million records
  • d — 2.4 million records
  • — 444,000 records
  • — 5.8 million records
  • — 5.8 million (suffered breach in 2017)
  • — 8 million records
  • — 15 million records

Apparently the stolen records can be purchased from $1500 – $2500.

This happens again and again in my opinion because there is a misunderstanding of Cybersecurity, a Psychology of Security is causing many managers to not pay attention where they need to.  It is also a function of not understanding the full gravity of the situation.

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