What does it mean when a Linux Kernel has a vulnerability?

the Linux kernel is the software which runs the system – the  main operating system software it is inside all other software – it does connect to applications with shell (usually Bourne

image from Linoxide


Updated the image to include Android possible issues (since Linux kernel is inside Android)


It is another example in the work of vulnerabilities and researchers and hackers:

Here is the researchers timeline (from https://dirtypipe.cm4all.com/):


review this vulnerability and make sure that your Linux systems are not vulnerable – if they are then patch them as soon as you can – they have to be above 5.15


this vulnerability is also a good example of the constant battle between the researchers and attackers which are always trying to find the next vulnerability (this is an example where the researcher got one and disclosed it).

Above image shows what happens from Bug found to patched safe.

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