Hackers hacked a Foscam Baby Monitor

Computerworld has the story:

foscamimage   We have posted about this before Jun11, 2014

The creepy hacker said some words to the nanny and caused the nanny to turn off the webcam.

There seems to be a sad theme here

as well as our post(Nov16) of regular webcams (not just babycams)


It seems it is too hard to change the default password for people.


Here is the Foscam manual:

Here is part of the problem  (from manual):

: The default username of the camera is admin. You will need to put in the correct administrator username in order to change the network configuration.
: The default password of the camera is left blank; do not enter any characters in this field. You will need to put the correct password in order to change the network configuration.
So any hacker worth  2 nickels can crack this machine.
As they say make it easy to use now security will suffer.
If you have a webcam please change this password by using the manual included in this post
or call us and we can help you.
Tony Z 314-504-3974 tonyz”at”

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