ChipAndPin Technology hacked – Breaches Only a Matter of Time

Samy Kamkar is at it again:



Samy Kamkar is a unique hacker as he hacks with small hardware devices such as his previous device OpenSesame(Opens garage doors):



My last post was to explain the process of hacking a bit, which Samy uses to just figure out a way to do things without having any manuals, just reading the tells of the devices. In the latest video he is actually explaining a method of figuring out the credit card storage technology and then create his device (the Magspoof) which can register on a live credit card device and defeat the Chip and pin technology.


My point has been that the real criminal hackers  are doing the same thing.

I don’t think we as a society have figured out the abilities of innate hackers such as Samy Kamkar.


The amazing abilities are used in a white hat role for Samy, but a criminal hacker person in East Europe will be one of the worker bees in a well established criminal org as kasperskyLabs has determined:


Image from Kaspersky blog post:


The answer is to have a continual Oversite of the potential attackers coming in and using your resources and finances for their ends.


Contact us as we can help you develop a counter-strategy to the higher threat levels.

edited the text for context 11/26/15

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