after upgrading systems check for new services running

After upgrading check for new services as the Internet Storm Center noted after a firewall operator noted new streaming data coming to/through firewall. Upgrading the NAS server caused a media streaming service to turn on.   And that is how it starts. After an upgrade some months ago a service is turned on, even though … Read more

Keep an eye on CERT – New website look

CERT – Community  Emergency Response Center  for computers was created in 1988 in response to the Morris worm. The CERT organization I am talking about is based out of Carnegie Mellon(Software Engineering Institute), and has helped the computer industry with their insight and tools The CERT tools link.  There are some good tools to use … Read more

New Google Chrome vulnerability

Patch your Google Chrome – From Why would a Google Chrome vulnerability be important? because if you happen to bump into a nefarious website (unbeknown to you) it will affect your Google Chrome  and then little by little the hacker will gain more information. Pretty soon there will be open ports that you may … Read more

Linksys E1200 vulnerable – needs patching

Internet Storm Center has  captured the Linksys E1200 exploit. This is another reason to patch your systems, and if you don’t the bad hackers out there will use your machine for their ends. A full Packet Capture of the exploit has a link in ISC in case you want to review.

The security dilemma

Information Security has a dilemma: the problem is that we don’t want to be seen(interfere) with whatever the user wants to do, but yet there need to be secure transactions. The security of our network and applications need to be part of Information technology actions. The website, email and network traffic needs to get where … Read more