New PHP software available – update soon

When PHP says new software is available:  Then it is a good idea to perform the updates, as security enhancements are done for a reason. You dont want to end up in the headlines. Our more advanced service: Sigma (Σ) is the one to check if you have old software running

Do you have port 5000 open?

another post by Internet Storm Center The Port 5000 (tcp) scans/attacks, are showing in logs again. Almost 70000 scans/attacks in the last few days in the logs that the storm center captures.   Check your systems – have they been scanned? Alpha scan them to see what the evil  hacker is seeing.

Wifi virus? is it possible?

RFGlobalnet  has an article about a possible Wifi virus which propagates from one AP (access point) to another. The University of Liverpool has set up a theoretical infection from one Wifi to another. If a wifi system (AP) does not have good enough encryption setup, with a sophisticated password this attack could occur. And Anti-virus … Read more

Network Vulnerability Assessments

Why perform a network vulnerability assessment or review? because there are certain individuals that will take any weakness in your computers and networks (firewalls, switches) and exploit it to their own ends. What can an enterprising evil hacker do? Minimally use your computers and networks that you have bought and paid for to attack other … Read more