Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

DarkSide Ransomware as a service (RaaS)  criminal group got close to $5 million to decrypt locked systems at Colonial Pipeline Story

Specialist hackers are selling their skillsets on the open darknet market.  Another Technewsworld article.  What is happening is that the hackers are now not only working on encrypting data and asking for bitcoin to unlock it, they are also removing the data first to try and use it to threaten or extort somebody with it.

CWT paid $4.5 million last year (2020) US travel management firm. according to Reuters.

travelex paid $2.3 million in ransomware also last year (2020) according to BankInfoSecurity .

In fact today there is a new site that tracks all of the Ransomware payments alltime : has the data with current total at $92 million



Here is the Browse data area:

Netwalker seems to top out at $27 million or there about.

Locky at $14 mil

the Colonial pipeline one (REvil is at $12 mil total).


So the criminal hackers have been building a good size warchest over the years. And this is proof!!

It is nigh time for everyone to fix their cybersecurity problems.

Minimally you should look at my book to see where you might need some help.

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