AI Used in Phishing attacks: BEC Business Email Compromise

What  do you read when you read the following: “BEC groups launch executive impersonation attacks in at least 13 languages” Specifically this is interesting: “These attacks demonstrate that BEC is a global issue and not just an English-only phenomenon,” said Crane Hassold, director of threat intelligence at Abnormal Security. “Our findings also show how cybercriminals … Read more

Another Problem In Cybersecurity: Too much work–> Burnout

Why is burnout important?  If we are dependent on IT personnel to perform actions on a timely basis even when off-hours work must be done. And then expect them to come to work on time, we are inadvertently stressing personnel . I know every job may have stressors, but the cybersecurity field creates some unique … Read more

During War are we getting Attacked More?

I am talking about the Russian war against Ukraine which started on Feb 2022. Do you have 80 computes, more than a dozen? Then it should be obvious that they all need to be standardized and if standardized and wrong they will all get hacked. So paying attention to details in your environment pays dividends. … Read more