Microsoft Vulnerabilities Cause Special Problems

Nothing to see here – in Microsoft Land – Portswigger has the story: Apparently there is a feature in Microsoft Office Online Server that causes a Remote Code Execution(RCE) vulnerability. After hackers use a SSRF (Server Side Request forgery) attack, they can attack the systems with RCE. When Microsoft was told about this vulnerability they … Read more

Patching and Upgrading is Good Right? Hackers Take advantage of Updates!

So we are always telling everyone one of the things you must do is to patch and update our computers, so what happens… Someone figured out how to take advantage of this.  Of course this has an acronym: BYOVD- “Bring Your Own Vulnerable Driver”.  Arstechnica story You may know one of the axioms – everything … Read more

Phishing-as-a-Service by Criminals Means More Attacks

Mandiant has a post about a Phishing-as-a-Service that has recently been investigated by Mandiant. This Phishing as a service is of course trying to make things easier for the criminals to set up phishing campaigns. Above is the Dashboard for the Service called “Caffeine V2” As I have mentioned in my book “Too Late you’re … Read more