2021 – More of the Same in Cybersecurity?

Here is the new image with all of the latest info:I know I need to work on my headlines so I can get better clickbait rates.

But I would rather discuss the things that will be relevant a year from now.


On December 1st of this year I had a post of https://oversitesentry.com/cybersecurity-where-do-we-go-from-here/   

I am only listing these items to make sure you know that these topics will come up again no matter the year we are in.

  1. Ransomware
  2. Phishing
  3. Backups – Restore
  4. Remote Access
  5. Cloud Computing
  6. Awareness Issues – Training


So besides the standard attacks of which the most successful attacks are phishing and ransomware. These attacks are best defended with a valid backup and awareness training. As well as a patching or update program


What is new in 2020 is the pervasiveness of remote access.

It is a mind over matter thing isn’t it?

You have to decide to fix the Cybersecurity issue (is it that you believe it is not important?) before actually fixing it.

Are you afraid of the upgrades? Or just not interested… a combination of both maybe. Is it that we are not wanting to change?


If i could I would not reboot any time – so that i can keep working, but I also know some software to work better requires a reboot.

The problem is the hackers depend on people not upgrading. Because they can take advantage of the systems not upgraded.

Together the thousands of small businesses are not what is necessary to protect themselves from cyber threats, thus I was wondering what it will take to change this phenomenon?

I am writing a book (almost done) as it requires editing and re-editing before it goes to the final edit stage and being published.

But i am talking about what it takes to protect yourself from the cyber threats.  I want to review an image I created before:

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