Cybersecurity – Where do we go from here?

Let’s list some of the problem areas:

  1. Ransomware
  2. Phishing
  3. Backups – Restore
  4. Remote Access
  5. Cloud Computing
  6. Awareness Issues – Training

If you do not prepare for the future then it will create surprises when you least expect it   or the future may make changes in ways that you will not appreciate.

An example of this is the Pandemic we are in right now. In the beginning of 2020 would you have anticipated that the whole world would be working from home? Which means that if your IT is ready for work from home, maybe you just need to increase capacity.  What about the security angle for work from home? Was Zoom ready for hundreds of thousands more customers? Did Zoom realize that zoom bombing could be a thing? So as usual the application will have to be fixed later with regard to Cybersecurity.

It would be unusual for people to actually create an app that is secure from the outset. Even though it is better for security to build security into the product or services from the beginning it is typically not done for a variety of reasons:

A. Misunderstanding

B. Confusion – or laziness not knowing what needs to be done and not spending the time to do it.

C. I believe the biggest reason is that managers think it is not important or does not need to be done right away.

It comes back to A. since the cost is cheapest in the beginning even though there does not seem to be a direct feedback.   The lack of a direct result is also a big reason for not spending time and resources on Cybersecurity.


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